Thank you, Leonard, for my first C

Professor of English Leonard Oakland

I graduated from high school with a 3.8 grade-point average. I loved history and English and thought I would become an English teacher or a politician.

Feeling very swanky and smug, I walked into my Intro to Literature (English 101) class and just got wiped. My attitude was probably insufferable to others; it was a source of embarrassment for me as I grew older and wiser.

Even so, class with Professor Leonard Oakland was invigorating and mind-opening. His classes sparked late-night debates over Red Zinger Tea and writers cramp. I worked so hard to get my first (and only) C and it was only Leonard’s charisma and passion that kept me going.

In my in-box today I received this  note that Leonard will be hosting a film at  the Grand Cinema in Tacoma.   Leonard Oakland will introduce the film Footnote at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8, and will lead a post-film discussion.

Footnote is the story of a great rivalry between a father and son, both eccentric professors in the Talmud department of Hebrew University, in Jerusalem. The son has an addictive dependency on the embrace and accolades that the establishment provides, while his father is a stubborn purist with a fear and profound revulsion for what the establishment represents. Yet beneath the father’s contempt lies a desperate thirst for some kind of recognition. The Israel Prize, its country’s most prestigious national award, is the jewel that brings these two to a final, bitter confrontation.

I’m really sad I won’t be able to make the showing.  But the film sounds great and for those who go it will be good to see the Professor in action.

Learn more:



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