Tomatoes in My Freezer


Heirloom Tomatoes

5 gallons of organic heirloom-tomato puree are in my freezer.  We grew five or six varieties this year, I can’t actually remember and I wasn’t thoughtful enough to keep all the tiny plant markers that come with each tomato plant. We planted my favorites:  Yellow Pear, Zebra, Paul Robson, and some of the stand-by but not so outstanding Stupicel There is a new variety this year that I can’t name.  The tomatoes are heart-shaped, about the size of a pear, with deep yellow shoulders and orange flesh.

Basil, red onions, chives and naturalized calendula filled out our beds. The bees were crazy this year and when I watered or brushed against the plants the smell of summer filled my nose.

This year I took after my big sister and “put up” tomatoes.  Our father did that, and my sister has been putting up the fruits of her garden for years.  When she visited a few weeks ago she taught my many things, like how to put in finishing nails. Her love for gardens, organic food and homemade wonder straight from the yard inspired me this year to capture summer for the winter months.

Mike picked a counter-full of tomatoes.  All different colors and sizes.  And this evening I worked to turn them into liquid goodness.  I stood at the kitchen sink, the window open to catch the evening breeze. I rough cut tomatoes in no particular pattern.  I filled the blender and pulsed the power creating this fleshy pink froth of tomato puree.  Just tomatoes. No salt. No basil. No olive oil.  Just tomatoes.  When it was done enough, the lifted the lid and poured this elixir into 2 gallon freezer bags. The heady smell almost knocked me out. I wanted to toast some chewy bread and start dipping. I repeated this alchemy seven times, each time trying to notice the subtle color-difference depending on which type of tomato ended up in the blender.

The kitchen is clean and now there are bags of froth in my freezer.  Thank you, big sister.

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